Totally Raw

Totally Raw is an innovative company set out to create alternative products from what you find in conventional stores. Their natural fruit juices are a unique blend of a vast range of tropical fruits and herbs. Review from us - their juices are absolutely amazing, can't get enough of it.


We created a unique package of signature images and videos that reflect the brands nature. Totally Raw needed Brand imagery and content that would give a professional representation of her brand; for a marketing campaign on social media and also to appeal to investors. The project was a huge success and investors could not help but key into the vision of this beautiful brand. Totally raw was initiated as a fundraiser for children with special needs (which explains the child laughter in the background). Their first wave was a remarkable success and in no time they sold out beyond capacity. They have decided to relaunch in grand style. The client was absolutely wonderful and we were glad to have had such a huge hand in the success of this project.

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