Shape-it is a package for 3D Artists and Graphic Designers

Lollipop Characters

Lollipop Characters is an Addon and Growing Library of over 10 stylized characters (Including a cat rig), Each with their individual cloth libraries, utilities, and tools to aid in character creation (such as hands, feet, and more).

Grab - it

Grabber/Grab-it Addon for Blender makes character interactions/interaction easier by letting them grab/hold objects at different points in time

Clothes in Motion

Clothes in Motion is a package designed to break the limitations of cloth design and simulations in Blender. It consists of carefully crafted models and tutorials to achieve detailed dynamics.
An Update is Coming Soon

Xane Graphics Ultimate Ant Pack

The Ultimate ant pack is a product birthed from the Collateral Damage project for Burna Boy Directed by Shushi. After the project, the pack was developed into a product for Blender Artists to use in their workflow to add a unique new level of life and detail to their renders. Enjoy!

Xane Graphics Ultimate Hair Pack

The Ultimate Hair Pack is a collection of 10 unique hairstyles made using curves in Blender. They are dynamic and lightweight with each strand weighted so the tips are lighter in weight that the root. A perfect range of accessories for stylized 3D characters.

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