Lollipop Characters

The Ultimate Stylized Character Library for Blender

What Are Lollipop Characters?

Lollipop Characters is an Addon and/or growing Library of stylized character rigs and assets for Blender.
Volume 1 contains 10 unique stylized characters, each with their own libraries of utilities and wardrobe of clothes ready to go

What's in the bag

It also contains tools for character design such as hands, feet, ears, noses and more. Oh, there's a cat too 🐈

Lollipop Characters was designed to help animators and character designers start and finish projects faster. You can customise the character style of your choice to suit your project/idea.

The importer lets you bring characters into your scene so you can get started in an instant.

16+ Stylized Characters

Volume 1 Contains 10 Stylized character rigs (including a cat rig).
Early Adopters will be getting all future packs for free
The first two characters (Ashe and CJ) will be replaced with new characters after the BETA release and more minor tweaks will be done to refine all characters.


The pack contains a library of clothes for each Character, Ready to go
Simply select the cloth from the cloth menu after spawning your character and select the character as the target in the modifiers tab.

Utilities, Character Creation Tools And more...

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