Design for Business

By Alexander Shuaibu

By the very Nature of Design...

I know Design may seem fun and ‘fluffy’ on the surface… But it goes deeper than that… way way deeper. Just from looking at the world… looking at nature, you can see the importance of design

- Colourful flowers attract bees
- Red markings on Dangerous insects
- Unripe fruit is green and ripe fruits turn yellow - standing out from the greenery

Design can not be ignored because it has a function rooted deep in our minds
It doesn’t take too much wisdom to understand how this can be applied in business

Illustration Credit @Deola_storm

a fast paced world...

Design is the fastest way to communicate, especially today with everyones attention span drawing nearer to naught. We’ve scrolled so much that we can determine whether most content is relevant or not from a glance

~ No matter the variety of fruits to come into existence, the ripe ones will always stand out on the tree ~

In todays overstocked marketplace with ads everywhere you look, it’s no news that people are tired of being sold to. Everyone seems desperate for sales; and people can smell desperation from miles away.

The good, the better, and the ugly

Companies want to shove products in people’s faces and quickly gauge whether people like the product or not
But some fail to realise that if we could make a first impression multiple times, we’d get all the interviews we missed
Meaning sometimes, you are not the problem; the product is not the problem; but the way it was presented

Design companies can boast of the best design skills; that’s great, however, the best design doesn’t always win.
The poorest quality video could win millions of dollars in fundraising
The most mediocre graphics could sell the most T-shirts
The game with the worst graphics could be the most popular mobile game in history (See among us)

"but who am I... in your eyes?"

What really wins is a story, and how you can carry the audience on this journey like sitting round a campfire. A story unforgettable. A story where they’ll tell everyone around them to hush so they can listen carefully

And this fact doesn’t push the importance of design away at all, because for marketing campaigns; brands must remain within brand while telling their story.
You don’t want to be friend-zoned by your audience. You don’t want people to buy your product out of empathy like an urgent crisis fundraiser.
Most brands need their audience to love and respect them; or have a very specific emotion towards them. And this is where design comes in.

"In all honesty... most times I'm just a video to you"

Most of your favourite celebrities are actually videos and images. I can bet you’ve never seen the first celebrity that comes to your mind face to face. You’ve seen videos of them.
Yet you understand them, they are your friend, you’ve invested in the story of their life, they’ve spoken to you.

And this is even more true for animated characters. Your favourite childhood cartoons. You can discuss them and debate them the same way you would about any other celebrity because though they are fictional, they are real to you. Everything is a story. So the power of visuals and storytelling can not be underestimated.

So... What makes you Yellow?

We have this power in the palm of our hands. To create videos with no creative limitations. To create a story out of your product/brand. To make you a celebrity in the mind of your audience.
There is always room in the minds of your audience to fall in love with a new story. And the same goes for your brand/product. What lengths will you go to let your audience know how badly you want to connect with them? Your story will stand you out.

There are two green balls, perfectly identical, but with two different logos on them. The story of those logos is the difference. That's what makes them yellow.

At Xane we take pride in our ability to take audiences on exhilarating journeys using Design and Creative Concepts.
Let’s help you discover and tell your story

Alexander Shuaibu, Creative Director
Xane Studios

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