Director Shushi

Burna Boy - Collateral Damage

Ultimate Ant Pack

Out of this project we were able to make a new product for 3D Artists; The Ultimate Ant Pack.
Check it out on the BlenderMarket.

Director Shushi

Out of her strong love for Afrobeat Artist Burna Boy, Aisha Sambo, Creative Director, Shushi Shades and Award Winning Video Director went out her way to produce a length of animation for Burna Boy's Collateral Damage.

She put together a strong team of 3D Artists who she believed could bring her vision to a reality.

In the short clip, she gives her own interpretation of the song, but we'll leave you to connect the dots if you can see them.

Instagram - @s001801


Character Modeller
Motion Capture Setup
Yemi Davis
Technical Director
Rain Dance

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