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* For the ones who see things differently *

A new mode of communication

Effectively explaining the blueprint to your client and all parties involved can at times be frustrating.
Xane's balcony gives your client a whole new experience: understanding the space, the design, and any awkward design aspects by walking through and seeing the project from a realistic point-of-view; giving you the competitive advantage, saving both time and money.

Explore Immersively

Xane's Balcony offers a new way to explore spaces before development. Walk through the building in VR to get a real and immersive feel of the space and atmosphere.

Experiment with interior design, repositioning objects and furniture Easily preview different materials, and more
Hear audio notes (from the developer) describing each room you walk into

Collaborate in Realtime

Xane's Balcony is collaborative.
Explore your project with clients, architects, investors, and project managers in the same room at the same time.
Communicate more effectively; Converse and review plans in real-time, discuss visible clashes in building layers, and more.

Customize the Experience

Xane's Balcony gives you a custom experience for every project.
- Communicate with audio messages as the user enters each room
- Walk through fully furnished settings
- Customize your experience for engineers showing building layers for clash detection
and more

The Service that plugs into your business

How it works

Send us your Blueprints / CAD Model(s)

See our developments on a live project page
~3 days per project

Experience your project in your new VR headset


Individual Projects start from £800. Factors that determine the cost are as follows:
(i) Scale of project in meters
(ii) Whether the project will be fully furnished or not (users can customize the room settings, materials, and more)
(iii) BIM Modelling. Would you like to use this for clash detection? (implementing additional layers such as electrics and plumbing)
(iv) Would you like a Web experience? (users can experience the project from their browser)
(v) Would you like a PC or Mobile experience? (users can experience the project from their PCs, Laptops, and/or mobile devices)

The base price includes:
(i) A new VR headset (for new companies or clients that do not have a VR headset)
(ii) Realtime collaboration
(iii) Blueprints to 3D
(iv) VR Experience

We also run a subscription model that allows up to 3 projects per month. Contact us via the form below for enquiries.

As a new client, if you do not have a VR headset (Oculus Quest 2), we will provide you one at no extra cost.

Oh Absolutely! We can provide you with visuals and imagery you can use on your website to let clients know you now offer this service

Yes! The Balcony is home to amazing freelance 3D Artists with a passion for CAD Visualization. Hit this link to apply.

Absolutely! You and your client can be in completely different locations while you walk through and around your potential building together. You can point at different parts of the building and they will see as you walk from room to room together. Builders can point out potential issues and show you exact spots. We also have a feature that lets you add AudioNotes as the user enters each room; this will aid in explaining design decisions even more as the client walks through. The possibilities are endless

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